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Worth knowing about the Lagottos

Origin and history

The Lagotto Romagnolo belongs to the very old aquatic breeds. The Lagotto is already mentioned in the 17th century as "Vallaroli" (lagoon hunters), used in swamp and morass areas. His task at that time was the finding and retrieval of shot waterfowl. The curly, slightly oily fur typical of water dogs made it possible to work intact even in icy water. Since the end of the 19th century after the cultivation of wetlands, the breed is used in Romagna as a truffle seeker and usually shows hardly any hunting behavior.



The Lagotto is up to 48 cm tall and weighs 16 kg, he is a well-proportioned (square), powerfully built dog. His fur is woolly, slightly rough on the surface, with tightly curled ring-shaped curls. The coat of the Lagotto Romagnolo can be varied in many ways: monochrome dirty-white, dirty-white with brown or orange spots, monochrome brown in different shades, monochrome orange or brown mold, brown to dark brown masks are allowed. The Lagotto does not have hair.



The Lagotto Romagnolo is well educable. He is playful, fond of children, alert and alert, as well as industrious. His natural talent for hunting and his excellent sense of smell have favored his transformation into a truffle dog.

The Lagotto is a very good companion and watch dog as well as suitable for various dog sports.


Lagotto Romagnolo
FCI Standard No. 298

    Group 8: Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs
    Section 3: Water dogs

    Without a working test



Bitches: 41-46 cm
(ideal 43 cm)
Male: 43-48 cm
(ideally 46 cm)
Tolerance: ± 1 cm

Bitches: 11-14 kg
Male: 13-16 kg
List of domestic dogs

The Lagotto Romagnolo (Italian for Romagna Water Dog) is an FCI-recognized Italian dog breed (FCI Group 8, Section 3, Standard No. 298), which is used for truffle hunting in its area of ​​origin.


"A whim of nature!" - Shorthair Lagotto
Author: root 25.02.2018

Imagine you have an Italian grandfather. So one from Sicily with Mediterranean tanned complexion. Now, white-skinned like your partner, you would have a child who inherited the complexion of his great-grandfather after the caprice of heredity. Definitely brown-skinned than you both.

Would you love this child less, would this child have fewer talents and a different character than his white-skinned siblings?

The same is true of the Lagotto Romagnolo, in which short-haired specimens were born every now and then - but undoubtedly Lagotti with the racial behavior, with all the talents and advantages of the breed. Who can also inherit all these good pages? just not reliable, the breed-defining curly hair dress.

Shorthaired Lagotti are real Lagotti, as adorable and gorgeous as their curly-haired siblings.

The desire to own a Lagotto Romagnolo is usually triggered by the fact that a curly-haired, friendly water dog of Romagna meets and pleases. And consequently, the expectation is for an over and over curly puppy.

Advances in genetic determination have led to the short hair conditioner now being determinable via genetic testing. Breeders who only want curly Lagotti make sure that the parents of the planned litter do not wear the short hair.

The author, who admires the diversity of the dog's recognized 636 breeds, also likes the short-haired siblings of the curlers, they all have their own character, as you see in the photos here, and are lovely family members. And, not to forget, passionate working dogs!

Author: Jochen H. Eberhardt

Source: Internet


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